Initial Consultation Fee – £125 (plus VAT)

This service will be suitable for you if you are seeking no obligation legal advice and guidance relating to your circumstances but are not sure if you wish to engage our services at this stage.

We would ask that you book appointment for 1 hour and send the us the initial documents by email to to review and then we will confirm the appointment with you,.

Please note once we have booked an appointment then if you are unable to attend and if cancellation is not done prior to the day of the appointment then we will charge the full fees and no refund will be offered.

You can have up to 1 hour of advice and you will receive an advice letter within 7 days from the date of the consultation.

You can use this time for us to look at documents you need reviewing or if you want legal advice regarding any matters that you want us to review.

Engaging with third parties on your behalf is not included and you may wish to consider our fixed fee or Pay as you Go packages.

If you are already involved in Court proceedings we will not contact the Court or attend Court as your representative and you remain as a litigant in person. If you wish for representation after the initial consultation then please consider our fixed fee packages.

We will not retain any original documentation after the meeting and are under no going obligation to you other than the obligation to provide reliable advice at the meeting and confirm our advice in writing.

If you feel our fixed fee packages are not suitable for your needs please consider our Pay as you Go Scheme.

Vas Solicitors