At Vas Solicitors we can advise on a broad range of UK immigration issues and visa applications. We have extensive experience and recognise individual needs and requirements and act promptly to ensure we meet your expectations.

Our immigration solicitors are available to assist you with all your immigration matters, ranging from straight forward applications submitted to the Home Office, all the way to complex appeals heard before the Asylum & immigration Tribunal. Moreover, we are used to working to tight time constraints and urgent matters are prioritised. You will be made aware of our fees in connection to your matter from the outset, and we charge at a fixed rate for immigration applications that is extremely competitive.

If you would like to know more about what we do, please feel free to get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.

We can assist with:

  • Points Based visas – We will advise on applications relating to all Tier categories to ensure compliance with all requirements.
  • EEA visas – Under European law and the freedom of movement, EEA or Swiss nationals have the right to live and work in the UK – also known as a right to residence. Additionally, family members are also able to join subject to satisfying a number of conditions. We can advise all EEA nationals and/or their non EEA family members in respect of entry and residence in the UK.
  •  Visa Renewals – If you are in the UK and have already been granted limited leave to remain, it may be possible to apply for an extension or renewal of your visa subject to satisfying the relevant Immigration Rules.
  • Settlement/Indefinite Leave to Remain –Provided you have resided in the UK legally for a certain period of time, you may qualify for settlement and apply for indefinite leave to remain. As each visa category will have a different route to obtaining settlement under different requirements, we will consider your individual circumstances and advise you on the most appropriate path to proceed.
  • British Citizenship – It is important for you to know the various criteria required for applying for citizenship/naturalisation. You can trust that our solicitors will deal with your application to ensure it has the best possible chance of success.
  • Deportation or Detention & Bail – If you or a family member is considered for deportation it is important that you contact specialist immigration solicitors such as ourselves, as soon as possible. In circumstances of detention, we will assist clients whether in relation to an application for bail, asylum cases and any unlawful detentions.