Family Law Fees

Our Pricing:

At Vas Solicitors we have always prided ourselves on our jargon-free and transparent approach to our work and its costs.

We feel it is really important, in addition to providing you with an excellent service, that you know what you will pay for the service you expect to receive.

We will always confirm our cost estimate or agreed fixed fee with you at the outset in any matter prior to beginning our work for you, for the avoidance of any doubt.


Where VAT is payable in the pricing shown below it is calculated at the current applicable rate (which is 20%).

The figures shown sequentially represent (1) the amount without VAT, (2) the amount of VAT due and (3) the total inclusive of VAT.

Where no VAT rate or amount is shown below, no VAT is payable

Our Fees for Family Law

We offer a free initial consultation so that we can understand your own individual circumstances in order to provide you with a far more accurate quotation. 

As family matters are complex and each client’s situation is unique in its nature we believe clients will have a more transparent and objective estimate of our fees on an hourly basis as specified below:

Please note: The level of seniority of the person dealing with the matter affects their hourly rate. 

We can advise on the following: –

  • Divorce and nullity 
  • Ancillary relief (finances following separation)
  • Domestic abuse – non-molestation order and occupation orders  
  • Preventing the sale of matrimonial property 
  • Intervenors in family disputes 
  • Child arrangements – spending time with orders, live with orders, specific issue, prohibited steps
  • Child Abduction 
  • Pre-nuptial agreements 

Family Law Team and Experience


Position at Vas Solicitors


Relevant Experience

Hourly Rate plus VAT

Veeravagu Vaaheesan


Solicitor of the senior courts

10+ PQE

£280.00 plus £56.00 vat = £336.00 total

Evanjalin Vivekanandarajah


Solicitor of the senior courts

3+ PQE

£180.00 plus £36.00 vat = £216.00 total

Ashwariya Kuhendiran

Trainee Solicitor


1+ years of  experience

£125.00 plus £25.00 Vat =£150.00

Sunjay Issur

Trainee Solicitor


3+ years of experience

£125.00 plus £25.00 Vat =£150.00

Atputhan Saravapavan



1+ years of experience

£125.00 plus £25.00 Vat =£150.00