Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution Team and Experience

The depth of breadth of our work within the civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution is extremely wide. We work with our clients to bring claims and disputes to a conclusion in an effective manner. Once you contact us then we will assess each matter before we take the matter on. We also work out strategically and tactically whether there are any other methods to resolving disputes.

We can advise on the following disputes 

Residential Property disputes

  • Rights of way
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Access to neighbouring land 
  • Encroachment onto your land 
  • Party wall issues
  • Adverse possession claims
  • Parking disputes
  • Blocked access disputes
  • Possession claims 
  • Outstanding rent arrears 

Commercial Property disputes

  • Adverse possession claims
  • Breach of covenants
  • Dilapidations 
  • Disrepair
  • Forfeiture clauses
  • Lease renewal 
  • Notice to terminate lease
  • Notice to terminate- landlord and tenant 
  • Outstanding rent 
  • Trespass claims
  • Restrictive covenant issues

Other personal disputes 

  • Builder disputes 
  • Money disputes 
  • Breach of contract


Position at Vas Solicitors


Relevant Experience

Hourly Rate plus VAT

Veeravagu Vaaheesan


Solicitor of the senior courts

10+ PQE


Evanjalin Vivekanandarajah


Solicitor of the senior courts

3+ PQE


Akshya Kumar

Senior Solicitor

Solicitor of the senior courts

17+ PQE


Anjalie Bala


Solicitor of the senior courts

1+ PQE


Ashwariya Kuhendiran



1+ years of conveyancing experience


Sunjay Issur

Trainee Solicitor


3+ years of conveyancing experience