Our fees for a typical immigration matter range from £400.00 for a simple immigration application to around £1,500.00 for complex immigration applications. That’s why at Vas Solicitors, we will always provide you with an individual costs quotation at the start of a matter, taking into account the actual features of your circumstances. We will always advise you immediately about any variance, and discuss the potential impact on price before any additional charges are incurred. In the sections set out below, we try to give as much information as possible to help you to decide about the solicitor you wish to engage with your application. 

Type of Application

Broad range of Vas Solicitor fees (excl VAT)

EEA National Permanent Residence Card


EEA National Family Member Permanent Residence


EEA national applying for Naturalisation as the spouse of a British citizen


Permanent Residence Card


EEA Family Resident Permits & National registration certificates


Spouse Visa


Fiancé Visa


Student Visa


Visit Visa


Indefinite Leave to Remain


Naturalisation and British Citizenship


Adult Dependant Visa In/Out Country


Application for Travel Document


Sponsor Licence Declaration


Private Medical Treatment Visit Visa


Replacement of Biometric Card


A typical immigration matter 

Our fees cover all of the work required to consider the immigration documents and documents provided by yourself, take your instructions and providing advice, preparing and submitting the application on your behalf, advise the client on timelines and advise you on the outcome of the application.

How long will my immigration matter take? 

The period of time an immigration matter will take will depend on the type of immigration application. The average process takes between 6 months. 

Stages of the process 

The precise stages involved in immigration matter vary according to the application and circumstances. However, below we have suggested some key stages that you may wish to take into consideration:

  • Obtaining relevant information from you 
  • Providing legal advice on the relevant law and merits of your application 
  • Providing legal advice on completing the form 
  • Providing legal advice on your eligibility for payment of the health surcharge (if applicable) 
  • Submitting your application to the Home Office together with any relevant fees 

Immigration Team and Experience


Position at Vas Solicitors


Relevant Experience

Hourly Rate plus VAT

Veeravagu Vaaheesan


Solicitor of the senior courts

10+ PQE


Atputhan Saravapavan



1+ years of experience