Our Pricing:

At Vas Solicitors we have always prided ourselves on our jargon-free and transparent approach to our work and its costs.

We feel it is really important, in addition to providing you with an excellent service, that you know what you will pay for the service you expect to receive.

We will always confirm our estimate or agreed fixed fee with you at the outset in any matter prior to beginning our work for you, for avoidance of any doubt. 


Where VAT is payable in the pricing shown below it is calculated at the current applicable rate (which is 20%).

The figures shown sequentially represent (1) the amount without VAT, (2) the amount of VAT due and (3) the total inclusive of VAT.

Where no VAT rate or amount is shown below, no VAT is payable.

Our Fee For Immigration Work

We charge a fixed rate for our immigration work.

Our fees are as follows.

Type of Application

Our Fee

EEA National Permanent Residence Card

£650.00 plus £130.00 vat = £780.00 total

EEA National Family Member Permanent Residence

£650.00 plus £130.00 vat = £780.00 total

EEA national applying for Naturalisation as the spouse of a British citizen

£800.00 plus £160.00 vat = £960.00 total

Permanent Residence Card

£800.00 plus £160.00 vat = £960.00 total

EEA Family Resident Permits & National registration certificates

£650.00 plus £130.00 vat = £780.00 total

Spouse Visa

£800.00 plus £160.00 vat = £960.00 total

Fiancé Visa

£800.00 plus £160.00 vat = £960.00 total

Student Visa

£800.00 plus £160.00 vat = £960.00 total

Visit Visa

£600.00 plus £120.00 vat = £720.00 total

Indefinite Leave to Remain

£600.00 plus £120.00 vat = £720.00 total

Naturalisation and British Citizenship

£800.00 plus £160.00 vat = £960.00 total

Adult Dependant Visa In/Out Country

£800.00 plus £160.00 vat = £960.00 total

Application for Travel Document

£400.00 plus £80.00 vat = £480.00 total

Sponsor Licence Declaration

£1,500.00 plus £300.00 vat = £1800.00 total

Private Medical Treatment Visit Visa

£1,000.00 plus £200 vat = £1200.00 total

Replacement of Biometric Card

£400.00 plus £80.00 vat = £480.00 total

Disbursements are fees that are related to your matter and that are payable to third parties.

The only likely disbursement in immigration cases are the application fees that may be payable.  These fees do not attract vat.

Below is a link to the government site that contains information of the fees currently payable on different types of application:

Work We Will Do

Our fees cover all of the work required to consider the immigration documents and documents provided by yourself, take your instructions and provide advice, preparing and submit the application on your behalf, advise the client on timelines and advise you on the outcome of the application.

How long will my immigration matter take? 

The period of time an immigration matter will take will depend on the type of immigration application. The average process takes between 6 months to 9 months but can take longer and in some cases considerably longer depending on the nature and complexity of the case.

Stages of the process 

The precise stages involved in immigration matter vary according to the application and circumstances. However, below we have suggested some key stages that you may wish to take into consideration:

  • Obtaining relevant information from you 
  • Providing legal advice on the relevant law and merits of your application 
  • Providing legal advice on completing the form 
  • Providing legal advice on your eligibility for payment of the health surcharge (if applicable) 
  • Submitting your application to the Home Office together with any relevant fees 

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